Pension Benefits Administration Services

Lauterbach & Amen provides benefits administration for over 200 of the nearly 700 Article 3 and 4 pension funds in Illinois, representing approximately 15,000 active members and 7,500 pensioners.

Your pension fund was created to provide benefits to your members, and our Benefits Team has made the accuracy and timely remittance of these benefits our priority. We respect the extreme sacrifices your members make and we recognize the importance their pension benefit signifies in their lives. We pride ourselves in the personalized service we provide to your members: When an active member has a question about a transfer of service or when a surviving spouse just wants to tell someone how well her grandson played in his game over the weekend, our staff is here for each of them. We recognize that every member of your Fund is different, and we are available to talk to them on their schedule, in a manner in which they are comfortable, whether that is with a phone call, an email, or even a face-to-face meeting in our office.

We have established ourselves as the paramount authority in Illinois for Article 3 and Article 4 pension benefits, giving our clients the peace of mind that their members receive the attention and respect they deserve.


Pension Benefit Services Provided:

  • Pension benefit calculations and disbursements (via ACH or physical check)
  • Maintain pensioner member files
  • Remittance of deductions (federal tax, insurance, Child Support, Quildro, etc.)
  • Calculation of and remittance of contribution refunds
  • Calculation of taxability of pension benefits and contribution refunds
  • Processing of QILDRO’s
  • Calculations of transfers of and purchases of creditable service
  • Remittance of board-approved vendor payments
  • IRS reporting, including generation of and filing of forms 1099R, 1099MISC, 1096, and 945